«The musical world of Gabriele Pezzoli is so creative and full of tension.»

Jazz n’ More, Switzerland

Photo: Artur Strupka

About me

I live in Locarno, Switzerland: here, surrounded by nature, is where I create my music. Since 1995 I have been active as a pianist, composer and producer of my own musical projects. Growing up musically between French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino, my international record debut took place in 2006 with the album «Improvviso», distributed worldwide by the historic Montreux label TCB Records. Active mainly in jazz and improvised music, I also like to blend contemporary, electronic, almost classical sounds and reminiscences of alternative rock into my music.

I have performed at international clubs and festivals in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Greece and Madagascar, and had the opportunity to work with international, national and regional artists such as Olivier Ker Ourio, Nils Petter Molvær, Tino Tracanna, Nils Wogram, Domenic Landolf, Reto Suhner, Max De Aloe, Taavo Remmel, Brian Quinn, Mauro Fiero, Max Pizio, Sandro Schneebeli and the BLUE 2147 and /q3/ collectives, among many others. 

I have been teaching piano for over 20 years, am a member of the the national musicians' association SONART and of the Swiss Society for Music Pedagogy SMPV. Alongside my musical activity, I have participated in numerous initiatives to promote music at local and regional level.