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Gabriele Pezzoli Trio - Photo Artur Strupka 5 copia.jpg

Photo: Artur Strupka

«Gabriele Pezzoli's trio is something special.

Lights off, and listen.»

JazzThings, Germany

The birth of the Gabriele Pezzoli Trio dates back to the early 2000s in Lausanne, Switzerland, where pianist Gabriele Pezzoli was studying at the local jazz school. Their international debut came in 2006 with the release of its first album, Improvviso, followed by a second album in 2009, Rendez-Vous, both released by the TCB record label in Montreux. The albums received excellent reviews from the music press and led the trio to a regular concert schedule in Switzerland and performances in Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Greece and Madagascar. In 2015, the third album, Viljandi, received a nomination from the French portal Citizen Jazz and led the three musicians to experiment with new soundscapes and interplay possibilities. The Gabriele Pezzoli Trio's repertoire consists mainly of original compositions and is completed by selected pieces from the contemporary jazz repertoire, performed and rearranged according to the vision that has forged the sound of the combo since its beginnings: ensemble cohesion and ample space for individual expression of each player.

Gabriele Pezzoli piano

Cédric Gysler double bass

Brian Quinn drums

«It is well worth spending some time with 'Viljandi', whose charm is revealed the more you dive into it.»

Citizen Jazz, France

«The pieces do not shimmy frantically from one climax to the next, but leave plenty of room to evolve. The ease of the trio means that the listener can easily get involved with the music, which spreads out in such an unobtrusive yet coherent way.»

JazzZeit, Austria

«Don't think that this cerebral music lacks feeling, on the contrary. Emotion is very much present, expressed with romantic modesty and elegance.»

Jazz one more time, Switzerland

«A soundscape of apparent calm makes each track both thrilling and unpredictable, suspended between the idea of movement and that of reflection. »

Corriere del Ticino, Switzerland



Gabriele Pezzoli Piano

Taavo Remmel Double Bass

Brian Quinn Drums


Gabriele Pezzoli Piano

Cédric Gysler Double Bass

Roberto Titocci Drums


Gabriele Pezzoli Piano

Cédric Gysler Double Bass

Roberto Titocci Drums

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