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Mission Asclepios - Original Soundtrack

A group of young space enthusiasts from all over the world decides to simulate a mission to the moon in the vast underground swiss complex of Sasso San Gottardo. An old military fortress which, with its long tunnels dug into the rock, recalls the lunar subsoil.

Documentary by Patrik Soergel, prod. SSR SRG / RSI, 2023


R:ED & Roberto Mucchiut

Live visuals and live music in dialogue. This performance is marked by a profound interaction between the two elements. Music and visuals influence each other thanks to the sensitivity of the performers and elaborate ad hoc technical solutions.

Camilla Stanga.png

BLUE 2147 & Camilla Stanga

Dance and instant composing performance with dancer Camilla Stanga and musicians from the BLUE 2147 collective.

Pascal Murer.jpg

Murer / Pezzoli / Quinn - Ton Experience

An on-the-spot creation with sculptor Pascal Murer and the musicians of the BLUE 2147 collective, a sculptural-musical performance where each artist blends their art, be it sound or materials.

Television broadcasts

Il pianoforte nel Jazz

Television broadcast on the piano in jazz music, including a documentary on Fred Hersch and a historical performance by Keith Jarrett (Italian)

Prod. SSR SRG - RSI Rete Due (2019)

Paganini - La Fabbrica della cultura

Introduction of the cultural centre 'La Fabbrica' in Losone (Italian)

Prod. SSR SRG - RSI Rete Due (2017)

Radio postcasts

Il pianoforte nel Jazz nordico

An excursus through the most creative northern European pianists, from the 1960s to the present day.

5 episodes (Italian)

Prod. SSR SRG - RSI Rete Due (2023)

(Under preparation)

Jazz e dintorni - Pianisti europei del nuovo millennio

A listening series dedicated to European jazz pianists of the new millennium.

5 episodes (Italian)

Prod. SSR SRG - RSI Rete Due (2016)

Jazz e musica elettronica

A journey through the connections between jazz, improvised music and electronics.

5 episodes (Italian)

Prod. SSR SRG - RSI Rete Due (2015)

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